The two workshops for youngsters are being prepared by "The Cultures of The Worlds" Foundation.  

Script 1 - Civil courage (English)

Script 1 - Civil courage (Polish)

Script 2 - Roles of women (English)

Script 2 - Roles of women (Polish)


Workshop 1 – „Civil courage”

For youth at age 15-18 (10-15 people in a group)

AIM: To enable youngsters to talk abort civil courage and getting know Indian and Polish heroines who had civil courage 



Workshop 2 – „Roles of women”

For girls only at age 15-18 lat (exactly 10 girls in a group)

AIM: To enable girls to consider deeply the most important spheres of their lives from female point of view: - marriage and family; - love, relations, relationships, getting married; - professional life, job, success; - engagement in public sphere, woman in authorities, woman in power; - personal development – intellectual, physical, spiritual/religious


Gallery from the workshops: