‘Heroines’ - leaders of change, icons. The stories of eight extraordinary women that lived in the 20th century in Poland and India published on this website should be treated as a starting point for the discussion about civil courage and the role of women in the modern world.

“Cultures of the World” Foundation (Poland) in cooperation with Stree Mukti Sanghatana (Women's Liberation Organisation, India) have prepared a brochure, this website and two scripts about these problems for workshops for youth. The scripts have been designed for youth in Poland and India. They have been prepared on a basis of biographies of eight extraordinary women and the recent history of both countries.

Having teachers and coaches who want to use the scripts when working with youth in mind, the ‘Heroines’ website has been created. Here, you can find additional materials about the heroines as well as the history of both countries and information about the role of women in Poland and India.

Although the choice of the heroines was not random, it should not be treated as representative of all women in the 20th century. Not all heroines are well known; some of them arouse controversy. The women have been chosen not on the basis of their religion or worldview, but because of their attitudes and characteristics that make them unusual.

The ‘Heroines’ project is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. Its aim is to show how the recent history of Poland and India can be effectively used for the purpose of civic and multicultural education of youth in the two countries.


Aleksandra Gutowska - the project coordinator. Aleksandra is the CEO of the 'Cultures of the World' Foundation. She has conducted projects in various countries in: Africa (Kenya, Cameroon, Senegal, Tanzania), Asia (Cambodia), South America (Brazil, Argentina) and Europe (Ukraine, Poland).

Hanka Nowicka - the project initiator and co-author of the workshops. She is also a writer, historian, journalist and former researcher for the Ośrodek 'Karta' Foundation and for the Department of Education in the Institute of National Remembrance, where she carried out a project on female members of the underground Solidarity movement. Hanka has also worked for TOK FM Radio and gazeta.pl, and is a member of the Association of Young Journalists 'Polis'.

Adam Markuszewski - co-author of the workshops, political scientist, associated with numerous non-profit organizations conducting workshops on civil education such as: 'Introducing changes effectively', 'Young Citizen', 'Liderówka - the Summer Laboratory'.

Weronika Rokicka - author of the text, Indologist, political scientist currently working on her PhD in the Faculty  of South-East Asian studies at the Oriental Institute of the University of Warsaw. She is also a project coordinator and trainer in Amnesty International (e.g. 'Human Rights: NOW! It is in your hands!' project).

Aleksandra Michalska-Singh - Indologist. Aleksandra has taken part in numerous internships and scholarships abroad. She currently lives in India. She is an associate at the 'Cultures of the World' Foundation, where she works on projects connected with Polish and South East Asian history. 

Marta Tymoszuk -  the website and its graphic project's designer. She is the owner of 'Artiga'. Since 2010, Marta has been involved in numerous projects, expositions, preparation of educational and promotional materials and also in creating the websites for the 'Cultures of the World' Foundation.

Nanuli Burduli–Taliashvili – author of the drawings in the brochure and on the website. Since 1995, she has lived and worked in Poland. Her works have been exhibited in various galleries of modern art since 1996. Her areas of specialty are: painting, illustration and graphic design.

Kinga Koźmińska - translator, linguist and anthropologist. Kinga is currently working on her PhD in linguistics at the University of Oxford. She is also an associate at the 'Cultures of the World' Foundation since she has participated in its 'Share Education' program and educational projects in Cambodia.


Project co-financed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Poland under the "Cooperation in the field of public diplomacy 2012" program.